What Are Some Popular Training Ideas?


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Business-centric learning, video-based lessons, multiple learning formats, competency-based training and social media utilization are popular trends in training. Games, brown bag lunch training, mentorship and cross-training are other popular ideas for training employees.

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What Are Some Popular Training Ideas?
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Business-centric learning is the idea that companies need to train their employees for situations specific to that company instead of general business practices. For example, employees don't need to learn how to give good customer service for lost luggage if they work in a hair salon.

Video-based learning and online lessons are also popular trends. Blended with these methods is the idea of using multiple formats in lessons. For example, part of the training might be instructor-led while another part is a seminar or tutorial. Another facet of this idea is using social media, such as micro-blogs and video sharing, for training.

Competency-based training is the idea that lessons need to have a stated learning outcome. This outcome needs to be something the employees can implement in the workplace right away.

Team-building activities are popular ideas for training, especially to improve employee motivation and development. Sometimes these games get incorporated into lessons as a warm-up activity.

Having employees bring their lunches so they can attend training at that time is useful for small businesses. Mentorship and cross-training both involve having long-tenured employees train new hires.

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