What Are Some of the Most Popular Products Sold Online?

The most popular products retailers sell online include books, apparel, toys and computer hardware and software, according to eStorefront Guide, as of 2015. Consumers are increasingly buying health products from online stores as well.

Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble dominate the online book-selling industry, employing powerful marketing tactics. Consumers mostly buy books for recreational or educational purposes. Award-winning fiction and textbooks are both big sellers.

Women's apparel sales generally account for more than half of the sales within the apparel industry as a whole. Plus-size women's apparel, sizes 16 and over, accounts for about a third of all women's apparel that is sold. Consumers are drawn to online apparel stores by the promotional sales and free shipping and return options they tend to offer.

Toward the beginning of November, the number of shoppers at online toy stores drastically increases, as consumers prepare for the holiday season. Top-selling toys include dolls and video games.

Consumers typically purchase computer software and hardware via the Internet. Popular brands include Acer, Apple, Blackberry, Dell and HP.

Stores selling health products generally offer consumers a much wider selection of products online than they do in their retail storefronts. They also tend to offer better prices online and are more likely to carry hard-to-find items.