What Are Some Popular Products Manufactured by the 3M Company?


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Some of the most popular products manufactured by 3M include Post-it notes, Scotch tape and Ace bandages. 3M manufactures a broad array of popular products under a variety of brand names for both consumer and commercial use.

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Scotch tape is so popular that the brand name is nearly synonymous with tape itself and is often used in common speech to refer to any transparent adhesive tape. Scotch tape was originally designed for use by grocers in sealing cellophane packages. The Scotch brand has expanded to include products specialized for use by artists, scrapbookers and house painters. Tape is 3M's most popular product line and consists of thousands of different products.

Post-it notes are a popular 3M product that solve the problem of never having a piece of tape handy to hang a note somewhere visible. The key difference between Post-it notes and any other notepad is that Post-it notes include a sticky surface at the top of the note so that the user can tear the note off the pad and post it anywhere instantly.

Ace elastic bandages are designed to treat sprains, strains and swelling, and they provide support and compression to injured body parts. The Ace product line consists of over 100 different bandages and related products. Other Ace products include knee and elbow braces, as well as back and ankle stabilizers.

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