What Are Some Popular Police Training Companies?

What Are Some Popular Police Training Companies?

Some popular police training companies include ARMA Training, Awareness Protective Consultants and TASER International. Other training companies are Blauer Tactical Systems and SIG SAUER Academy. Police officers must undergo training for them to provide professional services.

ARMA Training has professionals with a combined training experience of more than 50 years. The professionals are a combination of retired and serving officers. The trainers use real-life experiences that enable recruits to achieve their goals.

The trainers at Awareness Protective Consultants have expertise in survivor training, force training, and shooting among others. They provide students with useful and recent information to help them in their career.

The aim of TASER International is to equip trainees with knowledge on how to handle violent confrontations without causing death or injury to perpetrators. The company teaches the students how to use lethal weapons without causing injury to suspects because that reduces insurance costs, litigation and medical liability to the police department.

Blauer Tactical Systems focuses on the survival of an officer when faced with a violent attack. An officer can face a violent attack while on patrol, off-duty or in jail. Such attacks can occur anytime and anywhere, and the company equips students on how to handle such situations through psychological principles.

The SIG SAUER Academy teaches students how to accurately, safely and responsibly use firearms and has self-defense courses. The company was the first to use environmentally responsible ammunition.