What Are Some Popular Plans From HIP Health Insurance?


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Some popular plans from HIP Health Plan of New York include HIP Prime, HIPaccess and HIP Classic. The HIP Prime plan offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to policyholders, including medical, hospital and pharmacy benefits, notes EmblemHealth.com.

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HIP Health Plan of New York is a principal underwriter of EmblemHealth benefit plans and one of the largest health maintenance organizations (HMO) in New York City. This company provides health care services to approximately 1.4 million members through a network of around 43,000 participating doctors and more than 160 affiliated medical centers located in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, states HealthPlanOne.com.

The HIP Prime insurance plan is ideal for New York employers seeking low-cost premium plans that deliver a wide range of HMO coverage to their workers, notes EmblemHealth.com. Some major plan components include minimal or no paperwork, prescription drug coverage and in-network coverage.

HIP Prime policyholders also have access to several health and wellness programs. These include the Tobacco-Free PATH Smoking Cessation Program, Healthy Beginnings PATH Pregnancy Management Program and Steps-4 Safety PATH Fall Prevention Program.

The HIPaccess plan offers health benefits that are not available in conventional HMO plans. This referral-free plan provides members with 100 percent coverage after copay for the majority of in-network health care services. The HIP Classic plan, which is suitable for small groups, provides member organizations the option to select the insurance premium rate that correspond to the coverage needs of their company.

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