What Are Some Popular Plans Available Through Alberta Blue Cross?

What Are Some Popular Plans Available Through Alberta Blue Cross?

Alberta Blue Cross offers a range of plans, including plans for families, individuals, seniors and groups, as noted on its website, BlueCross.ca. In addition, it offers some government-sponsored plans, including non-group coverage, senior coverage, palliative coverage and adult and child health benefits.

Alberta Blue Cross offers three plans for individuals and families, notes BlueCross.ca. These include Plans A, B and C. Plan A offers basic extended health coverage and 70 percent prescription drug coverage, basic dental coverage and accidental death coverage. It also provides emergency travel coverage. Plans B and C are similar to Plan A, but do not offer extended health coverage.

The company offers four plan options for seniors, including Plans A, B, C and D. Like its family and individual plans, Blue Cross senior Plan A is the only plan that offers basic extended health coverage. The other plans offer a range of services, including coverage, depending on which is selected, including dental, chiropractic, vision care, accidental death and other services.

Group coverage through the company is available for business owners and operators. The company offers flexible plans with various packages to meet the needs of the business and its employees.

In addition, Blue Cross of Alberta offers travel insurance. Plans with up to $5 million in coverage are available as of 2015.