What Are Some Popular Names for a Business?

What Are Some Popular Names for a Business?

Unique names, everyday word names, name-based names, obvious names and trendy names are some popular names for businesses. Unique names are often made up to ensure that no other business has the name. Xerox is an example of a unique business name. Name-based business names, such as Johnson & Johnson, are a more traditional choice, but there is a chance that another company may already have the name.

Unique names for businesses are made up, or are words that are not often used. They are not likely already taken by another company. Unique names, however, may be hard for customers to pronounce or spell.

Everyday word business names, which are more mainstream, are more accessible for customers. Target and Staples are two examples of everyday word names. Everyday word names run the risk of being ignored and may also have multiple meanings, leading to confusion.

Obvious names, such as Best Buy or Bank of America, make it clear what the business is all about. Some customers may consider obvious names boring, and there is a possibility that multiple companies may choose an obvious name.

Trendy names such as Google or Verizon are often used by technology companies. Choosing a trendy name means taking the chance that the trend comes to an end, which could make the company seem dated. Trendy names may also be difficult for customers to pronounce or spell.