What Are Some Popular Modular House Plan Designs?

What Are Some Popular Modular House Plan Designs?

Some popular modular house plan designs include ranch, two-story, Cape Cod and colonial, according to Modular Homeowners. These designs are each more common in specific areas or meet particular needs according to the land or space available.

The ranch house is one of the more common types of modular homes in warmer climates, says Modular Homes. It has a low stature, L-shape or rectangular design, and simple exterior decoration. It is typically inexpensive to build. Its simple design lends itself to constructing additions at a later date.

A two-story design has two living levels but does not necessarily match the design of other types of homes with two stories, notes Modular Homes. This style is thus distinctly its own, with the living room, kitchen area and dining room on the lower floor and bedrooms on the upper floor.

The steep roofs of the Cape Cod style make these homes suitable for the cold and snow of more northern areas where their design originated, explains Modular Homes. The style often includes dormers that jut out from the shingled roof and storm shutters on the windows.

The porches of colonial homes often wrap all the way around the home, one of the details that make it a quintessential Southern style along with the iconic white columns on the facade, states Modular Homes. These homes are at least two stories and provide a more spacious living space.