What Are Popular Models of Vintage IHC Farmall Tractors?


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Popular Farmall models include the A, B, C, Cub, F12, F14, F20, F30, H, M, Super A, H and M, followed by the number series 100 to 560, which directly corresponded to each engine's horsepower. International Harvester Company, or IHC, produced several popular Farmall tractor lines for over 40 years.

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The first row-crop tractor manufactured by International Harvester Company was given the name Farmall when it was released in 1924. The company was afraid that its revolutionary tricycle design might not sell, so IHC only released it in Texas to minimize the embarrassment if it failed. In 1932, IHC released the F-20, which replaced the original models, also known as "Regulars." As one of the leading tractor companies in the world, it changed the flagship color of the tractors from battleship gray to a resounding red.

In the early 1950s, IHC released the "Super" series and were producing 306 tractors a day, making them the number one tractor manufacturer in the world. In 1958, an engineering mistake in the transmission of the newly-released 460 and 560, caused the drive units to fail catastrophically after only 300 hours of operation. Its reputation was permanently damaged, and by the end of 1958, John Deere had overtaken IHC in terms of sales.

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