What Are Some Popular Items Made by Eniva?

What Are Some Popular Items Made by Eniva?

Joint Flex, VIBE Fusion, Omega 3 EPA/DHA Efacor and VIBE Fruit Sensation are some of the popular supplements made by Eniva. The company also has several popular health packs that provide detox for the whole body and supplements for respiratory health.

Joint Flex is a liquid supplement containing type II collagen, glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin to support cartilage and connective tissue health. Both VIBE Fusion and VIBE Fruit Sensation are multi-antioxidant, mineral, vitamin and whole food supplements. They deliver the antioxidants and essential nutrients in a bio-ready liquid.

The Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid Dietary Supplement contains concentrated forms of EPA and DHA. The supplement supports cardiovascular, neurological, immune, ocular and joint health. Eniva's supplement comes in a natural lemon flavor.

The Detox and Whole Body Natural Cleanse Kit is one of Eniva's popular package deals. The contents of the kit are for a seven-day cleanse that helps users lose weight. The kit includes 20 packets of VIBE Fruit Sensation, a bottle of Bio-Chlor Liquid Green Complex, a tub of LifeCleanse Fiber Complex Powder and a bottle of the muscle aid supplement.

The Airways and Oxygenation kit is another popular package. This kit includes products that support respiratory and blood health. Included in the kit are a bottle of VIBE Fruit Sensation, a bottle of Omega-3 fish oil supplements, a bottle of probiotic supplements and a bottle of Geranium Mineral Liquid Concentrate.