What Are the Most Popular House Colors in Arizona?

The most popular house colors for homes in Arizona fall in the desert and Southwest palette and include rose beige, terracotta, sand, brown and tan shades. Examples of typical Arizona house colors are available at SherwinWilliams.com and ArizonaHousePainters.com.

Popular Arizona house colors are influenced by the land itself and the culture of its native people. SherwinWilliams.com has a gallery of photos of exterior color schemes as well as color selection tools that include Chip It and Color Snap for iPhone and iPad.

ArizonaHousePainters.com offers visitors a color coach to help make the right exterior paint decision. The color coach is equipped with knowledge about subtle paint undertones and intensity and how the eye perceives color. The site has a color tone gallery with exterior paints such as terracotta, sand beige and umber.