What Are Some Popular Honeywell Products?

Honeywell is known for home appliances such as thermostats, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, door chimes and security systems. The company also manufactures fans, heaters, air filtering systems and portable generators. Many of its products are designed to make the interior of the home comfortable and energy efficient.

For example, its TrueEase humidification system humidifies dry air so that it is easier to breathe and prevents woodwork such as floors, furniture and cabinetry from excessive dryness and cracking. Its automated thermostat systems deliver temperature control, safety and energy conservation, and its air filtration systems improve indoor air quality. Honeywell products are found in over 100 million homes and 5 million buildings all over the world, claims its website. Its products are popular with homebuilders, heating and cooling systems installers, and building automation specialists.