What Are Some Popular Health Science Careers?


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A few popular careers in the field of health science are audiologist, medical laboratory technician, athletic trainer/exercise physiologist, chiropractor and dance, drama or music therapist. Other health science careers include dental hygienist, diagnostic medical sonographer, orthotist and proshtetist.

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Audiologists specialize in assessing, treating, identifying and preventing hearing impairment issues. The job description of an audiologist may include fitting patients for hearing aids, counseling patients for alternate methods of communication, such as lip reading, and using technology such as audiometers to determine patients' hearing balance.

Medical laboratory technicians assist physicians in hospitals and clinics by analyzing body fluids and recording the data, maintaining a sanitary work environment, operating laboratory equipment and helping physicians run tests to diagnose diseases. Athletic trainers, also known as exercise physiologists, work with athletes to prevent, diagnose and rehabilitate patients with athletic injuries. They specialize in describing the changes to the body that occur with exercise.

Chiropractors approach health care without the use of drugs or surgery by focusing on how the musculoskeletal system affects the functions of the human body. They perform spinal adjustments as well as counsel patients in diet, nutrition and lifestyle. Dance, drama and music therapists use an artistic setting to diagnose emotional, physical or cognitive problems in order to develop behavioral therapies based on individual need.

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