What Are Some Popular Gasoline ETFs?


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As of 2016, the primary gasoline ETF traded on the U.S. market is the United States Gasoline Fund, reported under the stock symbol UGA. According to Stock-Encyclopedia.com, some other gasoline ETF stock symbols on the London Stock Exchange include UGAS, LGAS and SGAS. General energy ETFs such as DBE and JJE also have some exposure to gasoline.

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According to ETF.com, UGA is the only U.S. ETF that provides focused access to gasoline. However, UGA does not track the spot price of gasoline. It reflects changes in the price of gas delivered to New York harbor, tracking futures contracts of gasoline. According to OilAndGasETFs.com, UGA reflects percent changes in gasoline measured by changes of unleaded gasoline futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange, less expenses.

According to CommodityHQ.com, energy ETFs such as the PowerShares DB Energy ETF, DBE, and the iPath Dow Jones-UBS Energy ETN, JJE, have some exposure to gasoline as part of the fund. However, these ETFs are broad-based energy ETFs rather than focusing specifically on gasoline.

On the London Exchange, UGAS, LGAS and SGAS are stock symbols representing the ETFS Gasoline ETF, the ETFS Leveraged Gasoline ETF, and the ETFS Short Gasoline ETF respectively. According to Stock-Encyclopedia.com, UGAS tracks the DJ-AIG Unleaded Gasoline Sub-Index and pays an interest return. LGAS is a leveraged ETF intended to move by twice the percentage change of the DJ-AIG Gasoline Sub-Index. SGAS moves inverse of the DJ-AIG Gasoline Sub-Index.

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