What Are Some Popular Exhibition Display Stand Styles?


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Modular stands and pop-up display stands are the two popular styles of exhibition display stands. Big companies also opt for bespoke stands, known as the custom stands, which are more physically impressive but come with a higher cost.

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Modular stands provide the structure for the whole exhibition space, either with a metal framework or lightweight panel construction. They are popular, thanks to their versatile usage and flexibility. The whole structure can be compacted into small spaces, which lowers the cost of transportation. Certain modular stands are easy for users to build themselves and consequently reduce the construction cost. Some suppliers also offer to add extra features, such as product hooks, video screens and shelving, at a low cost. Panel displays, pole displays, tabletop displays and portable office screens are the popular components of modular stands.

Pop-up stands are a popular budget option because they are highly portable and cheap to transport. Pop-up stands often consist of small and simple frames used for attaching graphics or banners. They are suitable for a small exhibition space, for example, at the corner of a hall. Towel pop-ups, fabric kits and pop-up banners are examples of pop-up stands.

Companies can also have a bespoke stand custom-built for their exhibitions. These stands are popular because they get noticed by more visitors, thanks to their tall and high walls with fitted branded images and features. They are the landmarks at an exhibition. However, they cost more than modular and pop-up stands.

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