What Is the Most Popular Epilepsy Foundation?


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The most popular epilepsy foundation is the Epilepsy Foundation. This organization has affiliates in many states that focus on educating local citizens, teachers and emergency responders in epilepsy-related issues.

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The Epilepsy Foundation was first established in 1967 in Delaware and has since expanded to include more than 47 affiliates as of 2015. The foundation's goals are to educate the public and cure epilepsy. The website provides resources for epileptics and concerned citizens on topics such as the basics of epilepsy, seizure first aid and treatment options.

Epilepsy is a neurological or nervous system problem that causes a person to have seizures. Over 65 million people have epilepsy, of which more than 2 million alone live in the United States. Although some people are born with it, others develop it due to brain injuries or other syndromes. Some epilepsy syndromes include Rasmussen's Syndrome, infantile spasms, Dravet syndrome, clonic seizures and negative myoclonus.

Seizures can have trigger factors ranging from alcohol use to menstruation. An epileptic who has low blood sugar or eats certain foods can experience a seizure. Stress, sleep deprivation and even illness can also trigger a reaction. Sometimes triggers depend on the type of epilepsy. For instance, a person with photosensitive epilepsy can have a seizure when exposed to bright flashing lights.

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