What Are Some Popular Condo Floor Plans?


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Studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment units are popular condo floor plans. The most popular floor plans vary depending on the area. Condos with more bedrooms tend to be more popular overall, but in highly-populated cities, studio or one-bedroom units are often more popular among renters and buyers.

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Studio apartments feature one room as the living area, a separate bathroom and a full kitchen. One-bedroom apartments have a living area, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. There must be a door between the bedroom and living area, and the bedroom must meet any bedroom specifications for the area. Two-bedroom apartments have an additional bedroom.

For floor plans with more than one bedroom, plans with bedrooms that don't share any walls tend to be more popular, as these add privacy to the bedrooms. Floor plans with at least 1 1/2 bathrooms are desirable, as the owners can use the additional bathroom as a guest bathroom.

A floor plan's usable space factors into its popularity. Awkward plans that reduce the usable space, such as those with long hallways, tend to be less popular.

Condos with an outdoor space are typically more popular. This is especially true if the balcony or patio is large enough for a grill.

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