What Are Some Popular Careers in the U.S.?

What Are Some Popular Careers in the U.S.?

Popular careers within the United States include retail associate, accountant, registered nurse, customer service agent and office clerk. Other popular careers involve work in fields such as food service, hospitality, medicine, computer programming and construction.

One popular and common occupation involves working within a retail environment, typically starting out with an associate position. These jobs involve working directly with customers to facilitate sales of merchandise, often operating a point of sales machine or cash register to tender the transition. Such positions include advancement opportunities into managerial roles on a local or regional basis, with some options to transition into corporate positions.

The food service industry also features numerous popular career opportunities, ranging from waiters and food servers to cooks and various management opportunities. The hospitality field also offers a similar set of career paths, sometimes incorporating food service roles for on-site restaurants.

Office work also contains various popular career paths, many of which involve business settings in some manner. This can include clerical roles, such as secretaries, assistants or data entry positions, as well as accountants, human resources agents or similar managerial posts.

The construction industry is another popular career field that incorporates many skilled labor trades, such as carpentry, electrical engineering or equipment operation, with job types such as architect, project manager or real estate developer.

In terms of medicine, nursing is a popular career path, due to the clear guidelines for certification, which are less rigorous than that of a medical doctor.