What Are Some Popular Careers That You Can Train for in a Trade School?


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Some popular careers that one can train for at a trade school include positions as a hairstylist, automotive technician, medical assistant, computer technician, truck driver, dental hygienist, first-line supervisor of correctional officers, engineering technician or first-line supervisor of firefighters, according to Business Insider. These positions all require additional training in some capacity whether through a trade school or through a certificate program.

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What Are Some Popular Careers That You Can Train for in a Trade School?
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Some of these training programs will result in the worker obtaining an associate's degree. It is important for students to be certain that they want to attend the trade school and work in their chosen profession because a trade school certificate is not useful for other professions. For example, someone who goes to school to become a hairstylist cannot use that training for working as a dog walker or to working as a medical assistant. The training is specific to a singular profession.

It is also important for students to choose programs that are recognized by an accredited agency or that are licensed by the state. Many of these professions offer salaries as high as $70,000 per year for the median annual wage, notes Business Insider. Students should consult with professors and the U.S. Department of Education in order to learn more about projected annual salaries as well as additional details about each profession.

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