What Are Some Popular Career Choices?


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The most preferred career choices in 2015 include dentistry, software development, physical therapy and information systems analysis, according to U.S News. This analysis is based on work-life balance, salary and the anticipated future growth of the employment sector.

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What Are Some Popular Career Choices?
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Many people have chosen to be dentists, owing to the high salaries ranging around $146,340 per year. Dentists need to provide maximum patient care to thrive in their careers. However, there is need for rigorous training and practice before one becomes a successful dentist, according to U.S News.

Software developers are being highly sought by organizations to design software, build operating systems and align computer applications to organizational interests. The median salary of a software developer is $92,660, according to U.S News.

A physical therapist helps patients regain strength and mobility through professional body exercises. The profession is projected to experience a growth of 36 percent by 2022. The median salary of this profession is $81,030.

An information systems analyst deals with monitoring computer network security in a company or government agency. With the heightened need for upgrading cyber security, the occupation is expected to experience a growth of 36.5 percent by 2022. As a result, it has gained popularity in the recent past, according to U.S News.

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