What Are Some Popular Brands of Rubberized Roof Paint?


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Popular brands of rubberized roof paint include SealBest, Henry and Kool Seal. Commercial rubberized roof paints are also offered by Quest Construction Products for professional use.

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SealBest Duck Coat white flexible roof coating comes in a 0.9-gallon can and turns into a rubber membrane when applied to a roof. It is waterproof and fit for installation on any metal, concrete, rubber or polyurethane roof. Application can be done in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and one can covers 70 square feet of roof.

Henry Solar-Flex white roof coating is made of acrylic latex. Its application can cool interior house temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is suitable for tar, concrete, metal and asphalt roofs. However, it is not recommended for roofs with shingles, as their edges may curl as it dries.

Kool Seal white elastomeric roof coating protects against moisture by bonding to metal, cement or concrete roofs and forming a rubber barrier. It also deters algae and mildew and is easy to clean.

Quest Construction Products' acrylic elastomer over spray polyurethane foam, part of its Diathon roofing system, is easily applied with a paint sprayer. It is best used in hot climates where roofs are prone to ultraviolet exposure. As part of its Unisil HS Roofing System, Quest's elastomeric silicone, which is meant for extremely hot and cold temperatures, is designed to withstand rain and is a fire retardant.

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