What Are Some Popular Brands of Banding Machines?

There are a number of popular brands of banding machines including Grainger, Polychem, ULINE and Felins. Banding machines are used in the packing process to secure bands around shipping packages. Bands can be made of plastic, rubber, steel or paper although different machines are often necessary for different banding material.

Grainger specializes in general purpose strapping and banding machines with a focus on simple operation, auto-feeding and jam prevention. In addition, industrial banding machines from Grainger offer temperature-controlled heat sealing.

Polychem specializes in applications for cans & bottles, bricks & blocks, lumber & panels, cut paper & totes and textile & fibers. Polychem offers combination packages for fully-automatic and semi-automatic banding machines with a six month warranty on all sales.

ULINE is a low-cost option with a simple table-top banding machine for $899 that can band up to 17 items per minute. In addition, ULINE offers relatively low-cost shipping.

Felins offers banding machine solutions for food products, floral products, banking, corrugated paper, garments & textile, laundry & hospitality, mailing, manufacturing and medical supplies. Felins was founded in 1921 and has a long history in the industry.

Banding machines ensure uniform strapping placement on shipping parcels to maintain load integrity, protecting the package and protect shipping equipment. Banding machines are heavy and often weigh in excess of 200 pounds. Depending on the manufacturers, banding machines cost a minimum of $800 and can cost many thousands of dollars for different parts or sizes. ThePriceGeek.com shows an list of recently closed auction sales for banding machines.