What Are Some Popular Box Manufacturers?

What Are Some Popular Box Manufacturers?

Popular cardboard box manufacturers include Georgia-Pacific, Great Little Box Company and Alliance Packaging. Imperial Printing & Paper Box Manufacturing Company is a popular manufacturer of folding carton boxes commonly used for retail products.

Georgia-Pacific produces corrugated packaging boxes, bleached board boxes, cellulose boxes and containerboard boxes of a variety of sizes for industrial and distribution concerns. The company has more than 25 box production factories located throughout the United States.

Great Little Box Company has four locations, only one of which is located in the United States. Apart from three locations in Canada, the company operates a plant in Everett, Washington. The company manufactures cardboard boxes, offering its clients a choice among more than 100 separate styles and shapes. The company also offers printing services for its corrugated cardboard box products.

Alliance Packaging is the largest independent corrugated box manufacturer in the American Northwest. The company manufactures custom shipping containers, retail packaging, stock boxes and in-store retail displays. It has offices and factories in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and British Columbia.

Imperial Printing & Paper Box Manufacturing Company produces plain and printed retail carton boxes. The company is located in Gardena, California, and offers environmentally friendly box options in addition to its regular products.