What Are Some Popular Banks in Texas?

Popular banks in Texas include the Bank of Texas, Texas First Bank and Citizens National Bank of Texas. All three banks feature multiple locations throughout the state, as well as checking and savings accounts for individuals and businesses.

The Bank of Texas offers money market savings accounts, certificates of deposit and IRAs. The bank provides borrowing options such as mortgages, personal lines of credit, home equity loans, credit cards and auto loans. The bank also offers banking options at BankOfTexas.com and mobile banking through an app for smartphones and tablets. For businesses, the bank offers specialized options for small businesses, mid-size businesses and commercial banking for businesses that bring in more than $20 million in annual revenue, as of 2015.

Texas First Bank provides online banking options at its website, TexasFirstBank.com. The bank offers three checking account options for individuals: Rewards Checking, Star Checking and Five Star Checking. The bank also offers investment options such as certificates of deposit and IRAs. Additionally, the bank provides borrowing options such as auto loans, mortgages and home equity loans.

Citizens National Bank of Texas offers money market accounts, health savings accounts and investment opportunities through IRAs and certificates of deposit. The bank provides online banking at its website, CNBofTexas.com. Borrowing options include farm and ranch lending, home improvement loans and mortgages.