What Are Some Popular Amsoil Products?

Amsoil is an American corporation whose most popular product is a line of synthetic motor oils, designed for use with vehicle engines ranging from regular gasoline and diesel engines to 2-stroke, ATV and racing engines. Amsoil also manufactures specialty products, including gear oil, oil for hydraulic or compressor systems, fuel additives, and filter and bypass systems.

Amsoil products are manufactured and packaged at the Amsoil Center in Superior, Wisconsin. The products are distributed through a multi-level marketing system, where products are sold to independent dealers that sell directly to customers.

Amsoil Inc. participates in a number of competitive motor sports leagues, including TORC, the Monster Energy Supercross, and the Amsoil Inc. Sprint Car series. Amsoil's slogan is "Racing is Research," and the company uses live racing data to develop the performance of its namesake synthetic motor oils.

Amsoil's fuel additives are marketed as improving engine power and efficiency, and reducing emissions. The fuel filters are sold as purely optional components that decrease the frequency of oil changes. Amsoil also markets a number of non-lubricant products, such as brake, suspension and power steering fluid, as well as antifreeze, cleaning solutions and oil analysis kits. A comprehensive listing of Amsoil's product line is found at Amsoil.com/shop/by-product/.