What Are Some Popular 24-Hour Check Cashing Centers?

Kroger grocery stores, 7-Eleven convenience stores and some truck stops offer 24-hour check cashing services, according to the company websites. Road Ranger travel centers offer amenities of a truck stop while also providing check-cashing services to customers and non-customers alike. Those who purchase a minimum of 25 gallons of fuel can cash a check up to $200 free of charge, as long as the service takes place within two hours of the fuel purchase, states Road Ranger.

Road Ranger locations provide check-cashing services 24 hours a day to individuals who can produce identification and a verifiable check. However, a manager can refuse to cash checks that cannot be verified, notes Road Ranger. Road Ranger locations allow checks to be cashed up to $999.99, as of 2015. All Road Ranger locations also have in-house ATM services and Western Union Direct Connect services.

By signing up for a Kroger Shopper card, individuals can cash tax refunds at Kroger locations, as well as government and payroll checks, and insurance and corporate checks, according to the store website. Kroger requires the individual to have a form of identification, a Social Security number or tax identification number, and a verifiable check. Kroger also offers reloadable cards for customers to load with funds from a cashed check. Customers who choose this option have the check-cashing fee waived.