How Do Pop-up Ads Work?


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Pop-up ads work by using software that can be configured to tell the ads when they should appear onscreen. Parameters such as a customer's location, buying history and amount of browsing time are commonly used to control when the pop-up ad appears.

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Pop-up ads are advertisements that open up a new Web browser window to display the ad. They usually pop up unexpectedly while a person is browsing the Internet.

Pop-up ads are popular with Internet marketers because they quickly and easily grab a consumer's attention. Many pop-up ads are timed to appear after a person has been on a website for a certain amount of time or after they've visited a particular web page. Cookies stored in a Web browser give information about an Internet user's Web browsing habits, so some pop-ups can be specifically targeted to people who have searched for or purchased a particular item, even across different websites.

Pop-up ads are considered annoying and intrusive by many people, but they continue to be used in the world of Internet marketing because they have repeatedly shown to be very effective in terms of collecting consumer information and for increasing Web traffic and sales on the websites that use them.

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