What Are Some Policies Offered by Pegasus Insurance?


Some of the policies offered by Pegasus Insurance are personal insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance and financial coverage, explains The Pegasus Insurance Network. For personal insurance, the company offers coverage for homes, boats, cars, snowmobiles, camping trailers and motorcycles. Commercial insurance covers commercial vehicles and small businesses, with packages covering medical offices and professionals such as lawyers and contractors. Policies are available that provide coverage for critical illness, disability, tax-free savings accounts and other investment products.

Other policies offered by Pegasus Insurance include recreational vehicle insurance, insurance for renters, key person insurance and travel insurance, explains The Pegasus Insurance Network. Other policies available include farm insurance, business insurance, forestry equipment insurance, hole-in-one insurance, mortgage insurance and trucking insurance.

Pegasus Insurance is an insurance broker founded in 2000, according to The Pegasus Insurance Network. It offers insurance packages to clients as well as advice to help them make informed decisions. Its official website offers a page where people can get quotes on all Pegasus Insurance policies. Some of the information required to obtain a quote includes name, address, phone number, policy deductible preferred, liability amount requested, previous claims and policy effective date. The specific information required depends on the policy chosen.