What Are Some Policies Offered by Geico Insurance?

Geico offers a variety of insurance products, including coverage for personal and commercial automobiles, personal watercraft, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. People can also purchase life, flood, umbrella, travel and ride sharing insurance from the company, according to Geico's website.

Drivers can choose from bodily injury liability, uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive physical damage coverage, collision coverage and property damage liability when purchasing automobile insurance through Geico, according to the company's website. The website also explains what each element of the insurance policy covers.

Bodily injury liability pays for injuries to people, not damages to vehicles. It protects the driver if he injures or kills someone while operating a vehicle and provides legal defense if the victim files a lawsuit against the driver, states Geico.

Uninsured motorist coverage pays for injury to the driver or his passengers in the event that the other vehicle in the collision is not covered by insurance. Some states also allow for uninsured motorist coverage to pay for damage to vehicles, explains Geico.

Comprehensive physical damage coverage pays for damages to vehicles that occur in ways other than a collision. Examples include damage caused by hitting an animal, by a flood or if someone steals the vehicle. Collision coverage pays when two vehicles hit each other, whereas property damage liability covers the driver if his vehicle causes damage to another person's property and pays for legal defense if the victim sues the driver, according to Geico.