What Policies Does The Hartford Insurance Company Offer?


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The Hartford Insurance Company offers auto, all vehicle, homeowners and umbrella insurance plans for families along with corporate insurance plans for businesses. The Hartford Insurance Company has auto plans for individuals, families and businesses; these services include coverage for standard automobiles, company vehicles and RVs. People may combine auto insurance with additional plans for a discounted rate, states TheHartford.com.

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As with other insurance companies, The Hartford offers tiered plan levels. Some give policyholders limited financial protection in the event of certain mishaps such as car accidents and damage to vehicles. Others, like umbrella insurance, offer more substantial coverage.

Umbrella insurance gives additional financial coverage in the event of costly lawsuits, which, although relatively uncommon, can drain families and businesses of retirement savings and income, notes TheHardford.com. Umbrella insurance covers potentially catastrophic situations such as at-fault car accidents, people injuring themselves on another's private property, and pets attacking passers-by.

For businesses, insurance protects against financial losses caused by the loss of a business partner, flood or fire damage to the office building, theft, lawsuits and more. Having insurance protects businesses and their owners from incurring personal financial penalties in these situations. In some states, businesses are required to have certain types of insurance. Common requirements are auto insurance for companies with vehicles, workers' compensation insurance and disability insurance.

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