What Are Some Police Recruitment Interview Questions?

police-recruitment-interview-questions Credit: Jeff J Mitchell / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Police recruitment interview questions center on the qualities of a good police officer, the candidate's reason for becoming a police officer, and the candidate's career goals. Specifics of police interview questions vary depending on the police agency one is applying to.

Typically a police recruiter wants to go over the candidate's application in detail. The candidate must be prepared to answer questions about previous employment as well as the reason the candidate left previous jobs. One common police interview question asks the qualities of a good law enforcement officer. Most police recruiters seek candidates who are honest, capable, ethical, hard-working and able to work under pressure and who want to improve society by enforcing the law. Police recruiters also often ask why the candidate wants to become a police officer. Recruiters seek candidates who want to be police officers for positive reasons. Recruiters also typically ask candidates about their career goals. They seek realistic answers. For example, a candidate who responds that he plans to be the chief of police would not be giving a realistic answer. A more realistic goal would be for the candidate to become a sergeant. A police officer candidate should be prepared to give well-thought-out answers and to be honest no matter what question a recruiter asks.