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The PointsPlus program is a weight loss plan that Weight Watchers International promotes in the United States. The program assigns point values to food items based on their fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrate contents. Adult members of Weight Watchers receive a maximum daily points target based on their gender, age, height and weight.

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Using the PointsPlus program, Weight Watchers members can eat anything they want, including desserts and alcoholic drinks, as long as their daily total food points are under the allowed personal maximum. Participants must carefully measure portions and keep meticulous track of their daily points. Calories alone do not indicate the point value of food, as the body processes calories differently depending their composition. Participants receive a number of bonus points each week to allow them a splurge or some leeway in their menu plans. All types of fruit and most vegetables have zero point value, so participants can eat as much of these items as they want.

Weight Watchers calculates members' individual PointsPlus daily maximums when they subscribe to one of its weight loss services. Participants have the option of subscribing to an online-only program that allows them to receive their points calculation, chart their progress, and have access to recipe and workout suggestions. Alternatively, participants can opt for enhanced memberships that allow access to local Weight Watchers meetings or personal coaching.

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