What Are Some Points to Include in a Resignation Letter?


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The particular date an employee plans to leave the company and an explanation of why he's resigning are important points to include in a resignation letter. It is also essential to express appreciation for the opportunities the employee accessed while working for the company.

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An employee who's about to resign should find out the company's resignation policies to determine the requirements regarding providing ample notice. Some companies allow employees to resign with less or no notice. In some cases, employers require resigning employees to leave immediately, especially if their jobs involve access to private information. Depending on the company's rules, an employee may mention in his resignation letter about his intent to work until the resignation is in effect.

When explaining the reason for the resignation, it helps to write in a simple, concise manner. If providing more details, it is crucial to add positive reasons instead of emphasizing any negativity in the employee's current workplace in order to avoid miscommunication.

It is not advisable to criticize the employer, colleagues or the job itself, as the letter may be included in the employment file and shown to prospective employers. An employee should include words of appreciation to show the present employer that his current job allowed him to grow and improve his skills.

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