What Is a PO Box?


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A P.O. box is a post-office box. In the United States, P.O. boxes are boxes located within a U.S. Postal Service office. Mail addressed to them uses the format: name, P.O. box number, city, state and zip code.

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Many people and businesses use P.O. boxes when they wish their home addresses to remain private. Some countries do not offer home delivery, and all mail must be addressed to the recipient's P.O. box. In the United States, there are areas where no door-to-door delivery is available, and residents must pick their mail up from a centralized group of boxes or at the local post office. The difference between these boxes and P.O. boxes is that mail addressed to a home address is automatically delivered to the correct box. Mail destined to P.O. boxes in USPS offices must be addressed to the specific box; the street address is insufficient and usually not known. Companies such as United Parcel Service also offer P.O. boxes. Mail sent to UPS P.O. boxes also includes a street address.

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