What Is a Pledge Card Template?


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A pledge card template is a type of form that you can customize for use in tracking charitable donations to a cause or organization. The card serves as a written agreement wherein the donor agrees to pay a certain amount of money within a specific time period.

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When a charity or philanthropic organization solicits donations from outside parties, it often tracks the donations through a form that may also serve as the receipt for the donor. The most common type of form is a donor pledge form, which states that the party in question is contributing a certain amount of money to the organization immediately through either a check, cash or credit card charge. The other option is to use a pledge card that states that the donor agrees to pay an exact amount to the organization within a given period of time.

Though the card is not a legally binding contract, it does allow donors to begin the donation process without the need to immediately provide all the funds up front. Many templates include an area where the organization may insert its name, address and logo, as well as space for the donor's information. This area typically asks for her name, address and phone number, along with the total amount she wishes to donate and the deadline for when she must provide the money. It may also include an area for specifying periodic installment payments.

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