What Is a Platinum Dental Plan?


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A platinum dental plan is usually the most expensive plan tier with the best coverage, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Care Network of Michigan. Each individual insurance company may include different benefits and costs with their Platinum plan, but according to Affordable Care Act guidelines, this tier is usually the most expensive and beneficial plan an insurance company offers. Platinum is categorized ahead of Gold, the next most expensive and beneficial coverage tier, followed by Silver, Bronze and Catastrophic plans.

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Platinum-level dental insurance plans may pay about 90 percent of the insured person's expenses, according to Cigna. This may vary from company to company, but Platinum plan holders can expect to get more coverage for their dental care than they would get from other, lower-grade plans.

Health and dental insurance customers can use the metallic tiers to understand the general coverage level and cost of the plan they are looking at. Consumers who simply want an inexpensive plan to cover major emergencies are likely not going to be a good fit for a Platinum plan. Platinum plans can be expensive in terms of monthly premiums. People who plan to get a lot of dental care and are able to pay a high monthly premium are suitable candidates for platinum plans.

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