What Are Some Plastic Recycling Companies?

Some plastic recycling companies include Waste Management Recycle America LLC, KW Plastic Recycling, B and B Plastic Inc., Wellman Plastics LLC and B. Schoenberg and Company Inc. Plastic recycling is beneficial because it helps keep the environment clean while providing important materials for making new products, notes CompleteRecycling.com.

WM Recycle America LLC operates an estimated 100 recycling plants throughout the United States, states RecycleAmerica.com. This company recycles a diverse range of plastic materials from individuals and companies. Multiple locations allow individuals and companies to save on transportation costs while ensuring the environment remains clean.

KW Plastic Recycling has its headquarters in Troy, Alabama, and was established in 1981. This company operates in over 48 states. KW plastics is considered one of the largest reprocessors of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene resins.

Wellman Plastic Recycling LLC was established over 40 years ago. This company has built a reputation for producing high quality products from plastic materials that have been previously used. The company receives plastics from both individuals and companies. It is regarded among the leading North American compounders and suppliers of engineering and thermoplastic resins. The company produces nylon, polyester and polypropylene resin products specially designed to meet any material need.