What Are Some Plastic Lid Manufacturers?


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Companies that manufacture plastic lids include LidWorks, Weatherchem and Coda Plastics Limited. LidWorks specializes in producing plastic lids for the food industry. Weatherchem makes plastic lids with single- and double-flap lid designs. Coda Plastics Limited manufactures a variety of standard plastic lids along with caps and closures.

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LidWorks designs and manufactures plastic lids to fit containers holding hot and cold beverages. The company produces lids for major restaurant chains, convenience stores and numerous liquid product manufacturers. LidWorks invites its customers to provide input during the lid design stage and is able to include logos, embossing and engraving in its designs. LidWorks also guarantees customers that its lids are made to fit 100 percent of the time. As part of its design process, LidWorks creates an early prototype of a lid for customer evaluation.

Weatherchem's standard Flapper Cap is made with a double-flip lid or single-flip lid. The original cap design has two flip-open lids on each side, and one side has several holes that control the amount of product released from the container. The other flip lid allows product to flow freely through its opening. Its single-flap style has a dome shape and one flip lid that audibly snaps when closed. Weatherchem plastic lids are designed to dispense contents such as spices, liquids and medication.

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