How Do You Plant Asparagus?


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Planting asparagus involves placing year-old crowns in a trench for three seasons until the vegetable is mature enough to harvest. The 30-minute planting process requires asparagus crowns, compost, mulch and a trowel or shovel.

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  1. Prepare the bed

    Asparagus thrives with good drainage, and raised beds are an ideal location to plant. Pull weeds from the designated bed, and add up to 4 inches of compost. Once the beds are in place, dig trenches that are 6 inches wide and 6 to 12 inches deep.

  2. Plant the crowns

    Crowns are asparagus plants that are one year old, and they should be planted as soon as the soil is pliable. Create small mounds in the trench, 15 to 18 inches apart. Place one crown on each trench, spreading out the roots. Cover the roots with 2 inches of soil.

  3. Cover the stems

    Add more soil over the stems as they grow, always leaving 3 to 4 inches exposed. Continue this process until the trench is filled, and then add 4 to 8 inches of mulch on top of the trench. Cut away dead foliage before winter, and keep a thick layer of mulch on at all times.

  4. Harvest the asparagus

    A light harvest is possible in the second growing season, depending on how the plant is thriving. The mature plant is ready for harvest in its third growing season.

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