How Do You Find Plans for Square Log Homes?


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One place that you can look for square log home plans is RealLogHomes.com. This site gives you a picture of what the finished log home would look like, along with a very detailed floor plan.

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How Do You Find Plans for Square Log Homes?
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Another source for plans is KatahdinCedarLogHomes.com. It offers floor plans and expert customer support for any questions concerning log cabins. You can also purchase a basic log cabin kit from GoldenEagleLogHomes.com.

There are several reasons, as shown on LogHomes.org, that some consider log homes to be better than conventional homes. One is that the trees used to construct the homes are in whole form and are a renewable resource. Since the logs are in their whole form, this means that they are not burnt or used in part to make something else; therefore, the production of log cabins cuts down on air pollution. Log cabins also typically last longer. There is a log cabin home in Russia that is claimed to be more than 1,700 years old. Log homes regulate temperatures better because the solid logs have thermal mass, which is a natural insulating property of wood.

Using plans for these homes and even buying kits is a great way to cut costs, but it may still be a financial strain. KatahdinCedarLogHomes.com has several financial tips to help your building go over smoothly.

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