What Are Some of the Plans and Services Offered by Aetna Navigator?

What Are Some of the Plans and Services Offered by Aetna Navigator?

Among the plans offered by Aetna include health plans, Medicare plans, student insurance and international insurance. On top of these, there are other services, such as health and fitness programs, vision services, hearing exams, and natural products and services, states Aetna.

Its health insurance plan has three categories that clients can choose from: open access plans, copay only plans and high-deductible plans. Aetna has special services designed to meet needs of clients in the public service.

Pharmacy coverage is designed to supply drugs to clients who are on maintenance prescription with up to 90 days delivery through the mail. This also comes with condition support from doctors and pharmacists to patients with conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Supplemental insurance plans are also available for clients who want extra protection to cover areas such as dental, vision, accidents, disability and critical illness, explains Aetna.

Special insurance products are designed to meet unique needs of business, whether small or large and with as low as two employees. Services such as vision discount are not insurance plans but are designed to help clients have access to eye care services and products at reduced rates. Discounts are offered on exams, glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery. Aetna has online resources for individuals and corporations that enable clients to manage their plans and services without having to visit the offices, states Aetna.