What Are Some Plans Offered by Progressive?


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Plans offered by Progressive include liability, comprehensive and full coverage, according to Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. There are also other areas of coverage, including uninsured or underinsured motorists, bodily injury and roadside assistance.

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The basic plan provided by Progressive is the liability plan. This offers property damage and basic liability coverage, explains Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. The underinsured or uninsured add-on for the policies helps to pay for damages, lost wages and medical expenses if the accident was caused by someone without insurance coverage or not enough insurance to cover the medical bills.

Extensive medical coverage for accidents requires the medical care add-on, states Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. This provides coverage for the driver and passengers for medical costs. It can also help to pay for medical costs if the policyholder was riding a bicycle or walking when another driver hit her. Another type of plan that includes these costs is the personal injury protection plan.

A collision plan covers repairs and damages to the vehicle after an accident, notes Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. This include no-fault and at-fault accidents. A deducible must be paid before the policy comes into effect. The deductible amount is paid directly to the auto repair shop, while the insurance company pays the remainder of the bill. For more extensive coverage, choose the comprehensive insurance policy.

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