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Planning Center Online offers a variety of Web and mobile apps to help churches manage administrative, event and worship tasks efficiently and effectively. It provides tools to help track members, monitor attendees at special meetings, and facilitate registration for events and performances.

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The basic concept behind the Planning Center Online suite of programs is to help churches of any size manage and grow operations through centralized technological services. Each of its services comes as a standalone application, for use on various smartphones and tablets. For example, it offers one app that helps organizations manage volunteers by creating profiles that include names and contact information and by creating a master calendar for scheduling. Similarly, it also offers an event registration app that allows church members and other visitors to sign up for special events, such as food drives or choir performances, so that the church can contact members with updates or requests.

It also offers apps that focus specifically on common church activities, such as charitable contributions. This app allows the organization to monitor donations from its congregation and provide the necessary tax documentation. Another app helps manage church day care or school sessions by allowing parents to check-in children. The company also offers apps to help churches track and monitor documents across members and officials, along with an app for storing sheet music and other text for use in sermons.

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