How Do You a Plan Your Typical Day at Work?

Begin each workday by arriving at work on time and prioritizing the completion of important tasks from your to-do list while your brain is at its peak. Scan your inbox and check your voice mail for urgent messages but avoid the distraction of opening every email.

Make vital telephone calls and send important emails early in the morning to increase the chances of getting responses by the end of the day. Tackle items on your to-do list systematically, focusing on completing one at a time, because multitasking adversely affects efficiency. Put your energy into those tasks that are important and make a difference. Plan regular breaks to take a brisk walk outside or eat a snack to revitalize your brain. In addition, taking time to organize and tidy your workspace throughout the day aids productivity and efficiency.

Eating a healthy breakfast and taking some exercise before you start work help to ensure you are fueled up and ready to make the most of each working day. It's also helpful to tackle the least desirable tasks first and build in time for meditation, a power nap and a mini-workout later in the day to increase energy and enhance the ability to focus.