How do you plan a product demonstration?


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When planning a product demonstration, research and gather information about the audience planning to view the demo, and customize the demo to suit the demographic. Research the existing promotional information such as press releases, conference proceedings and annual reports.

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During the presentation, explain the product in terms of the customer's perspective. Create a scenario that a customer is likely to experience, and incorporate the features of the product within the scenario to demonstrate how efficient it is in the presented situation. Paint a vivid picture for customers, so they can visualize the effectiveness of your product in everyday life.

Rehearse the demonstration at least three times before the official date. Focus on the customer experience while demonstrating a product.

Test the product prior to the demonstration, and never assume that the product always works. Trying to sell a product that does not work during the demonstration gives a poor impression about the product to potential buyers or investors. Practice the demonstration at the facility where the demonstration is to take place.

After the presentation, close the deal by asking for a meeting with a potential buyer, or ask questions that allow you to take the next step toward a sale.

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