How Do You Plan for Medicaid Eligibility in Texas?


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As of 2015, individuals with assets exceeding $2,000 should reduce their holdings before applying for Medicaid in Texas, advises the Law Office of Antoinette Bone. Applicants are also required to be residents of the state and have a gross monthly income not exceeding $2,094.

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Applicants are required to furnish the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the body that manages the Medicaid program in the state, with information that aids the process of ascertaining eligibility, explains Texas Legal Services Center. This information includes the type and value of assets and household income. However, the value of assets like the applicant's home and first car do not affect financial eligibility under the program. In addition, applicants can still qualify for Medicaid if the value of every subsequent vehicle does not exceed $4,650. Qualifying applicants are required to regularly update the commission on changes to their contact information, financial position and household composition.

Non-citizens meeting certain criteria may also qualify for Medicaid in Texas, explains Texas Legal Services Center. Individuals receiving refugee cash assistance, those benefiting from the Supplemental Security Income program and families in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program automatically qualify for Medicaid.

State regulations require the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to respond to applications in writing within 45 days, explains Texas Legal Services Center. When applications are incomplete, the commission is required to detail the missing information and grant applicants at least 10 days to resubmit applications.

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