What Are the Best Places to Retire in Florida?

What Are the Best Places to Retire in Florida?

Venice, Key West, Sarasota, and Delray Beach frequent the lists of top places to retire in Florida, according to the Huffington Post. The state has a warm climate year-round, which provides multiple options for those seeking to retire somewhere more temperate.

There are many towns that retirees have to consider for retirement locations because of Florida's size. Forbes listed Venice, Port Saint Lucie, and Cape Coral based on climate, cost of living, and average housing prices.

Central Florida has a large number of retirement communities, due in part to being not as warm as Southern Florida. The Villages is one example, housing 60,000 residents, along with 20 golf courses and 30 recreation centers. Meanwhile, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are big attractions to those who are more accustomed to city living.

Retirees need to consider different factors in choosing a retirement city: distance to beaches, housing, neighborhoods, and walkability. Crime rate and economy also are important factors. Florida's lack of income tax and reasonable property taxes are kinder to people who are living off either fixed income or savings.

There are cons as well as pros to the idea of retiring in Florida. Tourists, city strife, humid climate, crime rates, and shifting cost of living can contribute to a potentially negative impact on the individuals who choose Florida as their destination.