What Are Some Places That Provide Training for Government Jobs?

What Are Some Places That Provide Training for Government Jobs?

The U.S. General Services Administration and FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, are examples of agencies that train federal workers. Police academies train law-enforcement officers for positions in state and local police departments.

The GSA operates the Federal Acquisition Institute, which offers classes and certifications that help prepare government employees for careers in federal acquisitions. As of December 2015, the FAI offers certifications in contracting and project management. The GSA also offers training opportunities to federal contractors who work with GSA schedules.

The FBI Academy trains agents and analysts for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Trainees learn how to use agency-issued firearms in a safe manner, identify and respond to critical situations, and perform tactical driving maneuvers. Future agents use Hogan's Alley, an on-site training complex, to learn investigative techniques and defensive tactics.

Police academies offer extensive training for law-enforcement officers. The training requirements vary from state to state, but most academies offer firearms training, self-defense, patrol techniques, investigations and emergency vehicle operations. Some academies also require officers-in-training to complete coursework in computer information systems, conflict management and problem solving.

After completing their classroom training, recruits do field training with experienced officers. The goal of field training is to prepare new officers to work on their own. New officers typically work a combination of day, night and weekend shifts during field training, which gives them exposure to many types of police activity.