What Places Hire 16 Year Olds?

Many companies in the retail sector hire teenagers who are 16 years of age to work in a store location. The fast food industry also hires teens. Businesses involved in public entertainment, such as movie theatres and amusement parks, are also options.

In general, being 16 years old is not a deterrent to getting hired for entry-level jobs, such as a store clerk or a stock person. Retail stores may hire a younger teen to assist shoppers in the role of a sales associate. Companies also hire young stock people to keep products on store shelves. Many young teens get their first jobs at fast food restaurants. In this type of job, teens take orders from customers, cook, bag orders and keep the restaurant clean.

Working in a movie theater as a ticket taker or usher is another fun job for teens. Amusement parks hire teens for summer work in various positions.

Sixteen is a good age to offer babysitting services to busy parents who need a responsible sitter. An enterprising teen can start a part-time business as a neighborhood handy helper. Employers don’t hire young teens to perform jobs that require hard, physical labor or involve operating heavy equipment.