What Places Will Cash a Money Order Besides a Bank?

Money orders can often be cashed at Western Union offices, through the U.S. Postal Service or at check-cashing stores, according to About.com. A money order is similar to a check, so an individual can cash it like a check.

The bank is often the best place to cash a money order, as they often cash it with no fees, explains About.com. If the bank is not an option for a person who has a money order, taking the money order to an issuer, such as the post office or Western Union location, is preferred. By taking the money order to these locations, an individual may not have to pay high fees, and they may get the money quicker.

If those options do not work, an individual can take the money order to a check-cashing store, claims About.com. Some grocery stores and convenience stores may also cash money orders. One should keep in mind that fees are usually associated with cashing a money order. A transaction fee and possibly a percentage of the amount may be charged. In most cases, it is worth opening a bank account, even with a maintenance fee, to eliminate having to pay the fees associated with a money order. That way, a person can cash the money orders fee-free at his bank.